Investment Excellence

Dolma Impact Fund (Dolma) invests in Nepali companies to scale up capacity, increase skills and competitiveness, and meet market demand, thus creating broad-based, sustainable local employment. It is not aid, but a socially responsible, risk-sharing capital. Dolma's is not sector specific, but is naturally attracted to growth markets including:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Tourism
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Education

For more information on these markets, see "Thought Leadership" section.


Investment Criteria

Dolma employs a multi-stage investment selection process, targetting investments with the following characteristics.

  • Management team in place and open to working with board representing "active" investors with significant minority (20% to 49%)
  • Management team able to demonstrate relevant expertise and track record
  • Business generates annual revenues of at least USD 500K
  • Each investment is between USD 500K to USD 4MN. Larger amounts are possible through Dolma's co-investment partners.
  • Business generates or has the ability to generate competitive, market rates of return
  • Business has identifiable exit options
  • Opportunities to create social and/or environmental impact through Dolma's investment


Investment Process

  1. Contact Dolma with initial details of your business
  2. Complete a sector-specific application form
  3. Work with Dolma's investment and compliance team to develop the strategy and terms of investment
  4. Initial Clearance from the Dolma Investment Committee
  5. Due Diligence in the areas of financial, legal, technical and Environmental Social Governance (ESG)
  6. Final Approval from the Dolma Investment Committee
  7. Completion of legal transaction documents
  8. Application for FDI licence

Post-investment Dolma works alongside promotors and managers to achieve realisable but challenging performance targets. Dolma's role is to inspire but not to interfere. Entrepreneurs must lead this process, demonstrating the vision and energy to create value for the business and its stakeholders.