Approach to ESG

Environmental, Social, and


We believe the environment, social and governance principles are crucial for any company to create high impact and long term value for investors.

We follow strict compliance with local, national and international laws, regulations and conventions. We have developed a set of impact performance indicators, consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals and the 169 underlying targets, which are collected, assessed and reported on annually. If there are any gaps, we propose and implement a comprehensive action plan to close the gaps and realise opportunities to create value and impact.

We adhere to the following performance standards to foster sustainable value creation in alignment with our ESG priciples:

We also conduct a thorough assessment of:

  • Environmental Risks
  • Health and Safety Risks
  • Community Risks
  • Labour and Human Rights Risks
  • Security Risks
  • Impacts and Opportunities

ESG Process Flow

Initial Screening

Identify Issues, Risk Categorization

Due Diligence

ESDD, Agree on ESAP

Covenants and Warranties

Investment Agreement Language, Conditions Precedent Checklist


ESAP Implementation Follow Up, Supervision Visits, Quarterly and Annual Monitoring Reporting


E&S Value Creation, Self-Sustaining ESMS, Mitigate Post Exit Risks