The Journey

In 2003, our journey began with Tim Gocher OBE, the CEO of Dolma Fund Management, embarking on a trek through the breathtaking landscapes of Nepal. Amidst the majestic beauty of the Himalayas, the serenity and tranquillity of Nepal spoke to his heart, compelling him to work toward the benefit of this enchanting land.

Dolma Foundation

Fuelled by a deep-seated belief in the power of positive change. Tim founded a non-profit organisation “Dolma Foundation”. His vision wasn’t just about giving back—it was about creating a lasting impact, nurturing communities to thrive independently. The seeds of Dolma’s legacy were planted in the village of Birdim in Langtang, Nepal.

Dolma Foundation’s journey extends beyond providing scholarships to underprivileged children; it’s about rebuilding lives and communities. In the aftermath of the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal, it undertook the monumental task of reconstructing a school and the entire village of birdim. Through tireless efforts, hundreds of children have been sent to school, sowing the seeds of knowledge and empowerment.

The Fund

Dolma Fund Management

Our Story is one of resilience, compassion, and the enduring spirit of giving.

A few years after the successful peace accord of 2006, Tim founded Dolma Fund Management (DFM). Motivated by the belief that sustainable development will only be achieved by a successful private sector, DFM became a catalyst for change, focusing on broader sectors such as Technology, Healthcare, Renewable Energy and the development of sustainable businesses.

We are not just shaping a future for communities in Nepal; we are weaving a tapestry of hope and opportunity that transcends physical and human borders, caste and previous post-colonial views. Now, through strategic investments in Technology, Health, and sustainable businesses, Dolma Fund Management is creating a long lasting impact in Nepal.

form the CEO

Nepal is at the centre of three of today’s megatrends: climate change, the digital revolution and migration.

Ranked as the 4th most vulnerable country to climate change, Nepal faces accelerated melting of Himalayan glaciers. However, its vast hydro and solar power potential can significantly contribute to South Asia’s clean energy needs. As the first FDI investor to invest in renewable energy projects, we’re expanding our investments to boost Nepal’s energy capacity, crucial for meeting its 10 GW export agreement with India.

The digital revolution presents Nepal with opportunities for large-scale employment and productivity growth. Our investments in AI companies like Fusemachines and Cloudfactory demonstrate Nepal’s software capabilities for global enterprises. Indeed, 2024 will see Fusemachines listed on NASDAQ. In 2023, 808,415 Nepalis left for work abroad. These two companies alone generate quality employment for almost 5,000 Nepalis at a time when a lack of opportunities are forcing Nepal’s youth to emigrate. Our investments are opening doors for Nepalis to remain in their homeland.

At Dolma, our workforce embodies our core values of Humility, Integrity, and Ambition, maintaining a 50% gender balance. We integrate corporate governance and ESG policies across our portfolio and within Nepal’s business ecosystem. With a proven track record of attractive market returns, we’re attracting international institutional investors to participate in opportunities spanning private equity, strategic investments, and our global green bond program.

Tim Gocher OBE

Founder and CEO