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DIF II Investment

USD 3.83 Million

Investment Date

March 2023


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Orders Delivered in 2023

Foodmandu transforms the culinary experience through its user-friendly online platform, enabling customers to conveniently order a variety of delights from a diverse range of restaurants and vendors. Accessible via their mobile application or website, the platform offers a seamless exploration of menus and facilitates easy order placement. With a dedicated team of over 200 delivery professionals, Foodmandu ensures swift and reliable delivery to customers’ chosen locations, enhancing the overall dining and shopping experience.

Following Dolma’s initial investment of USD 1.957 million in March 2023, approved by the Department of Industries (DOI) and Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), Foodmandu has undergone significant improvements. In response to customer needs and to stay competitive, Foodmandu eliminated the minimum order value of Rs. 500 and did away with the corresponding policy. Additionally, the company revamped its delivery fees policy, enhancing convenience for users. The second tranche of Dolma’s investment, structured as preferred equity, is slated for deployment early next year. These strategic changes showcase Foodmandu’s commitment to customer satisfaction and market competitiveness, fueled by the support and strategic partnership with Dolma.

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