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Nidan Hospital Ltd

DIF I Investment

USD 1.3 Million

Investment Date

July 2019


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IPD Patients Served


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Bed Capacity for Underprivileged People

Since Dolma’s investment, Nidan Hospital has transformed from a small clinic into a 50-bed facility, excelling in outpatient and inpatient services. New management, guided by a vision of providing quality and affordable healthcare, expanded services to include specialties like Nephrology, Urology, Gastroenterology, and more. Nidan Hospital is one of three hospitals licensed for kidney transplant surgery in Nepal.

Despite limited resources during COVID-19, Nidan Hospital treated over 1,500 patients. Dolma’s support facilitated internal streamlining, improved corporate governance, and brought in technical experts to identify new revenue streams and upgrade infrastructure. Ongoing upgrades include a new building with enhanced services like a blood collection area, pharmacy, café, CT scan, and ultrasound, improving the patient experience.

Nidan Hospital’s in-house laboratory operates at full capacity. A shift in doctor recruitment focuses on younger, tech-savvy professionals. Core operations prioritise quality and timely services, with efforts directed at increasing revenue through patient acquisition, retention, and automated services. Dolma’s impact is evident in Nidan Hospital’s evolution into a key player in Nepal’s healthcare landscape.

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