Our Portfolio

Setikhola Hydropower Pvt. Ltd

DIF II Investment

USD 3.5 Million

Investment Date

April 2023


Jobs Created


Youth Employment

133.43 GwH/Y

Power Production

126,760.40 MT

Emissions Avoided

4.2 Hectare

Forest Under Management


Directly Employed

1.5 KM

Transmission Line

Setikhola Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. (SHL) was formed to develop a 22MW ROR hydropower project in Nepal’s Kaski District. SHL is a run-of-river hydropower project located 15 kilometres from Pokhara in Kaski District. This hydro cluster also includes approximately 20 additional hydropower projects with a combined installed capacity of nearly 1000 MW. The project is expected to generate a total of 133.432 GWh per year, with 90.55 GWh generated during the wet season and 42.87 GWh generated during the dry season. It has a dependable flow of 42 percent of 39.91 m3/sec and a net and gross head of 68 and 63.9 metres, respectively. SHL will be connected to the national grid via a loop-in-loop-out mechanism for power evacuation.

With Dolma’s investment in Seti Khola, significant transformations in ESG aspects are evident. Seti Khola has adopted a robust Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) that guides its E&S activities and commitments. The establishment of an E&S Risk Management Committee, chaired by a board representative, ensures oversight of E&S implementation, risk monitoring, and mitigation. A dynamic ESG team is actively mobilised on-site to implement ESAP requirements and conduct ongoing E&S monitoring. The engagement of an E&S Advisor from Alpage Consulting France underscores Seti Khola’s dedication to continuous E&S improvement. Notably, the active involvement of a Community Liaison Officer in Stakeholder Engagement activities and Grievance Handling highlights a strong commitment to community relations. The management team at Seti Khola has deepened its understanding of E&S risks and is actively supportive of implementing necessary measures to mitigate these risks.

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