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Upaya City Cargo

DIF II Investment

USD 1.5 Million

Investment Date

December 2021


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Upaya is leading the charge in revolutionizing Nepal’s logistics landscape with its pioneering full-stack solutions, spanning inter and intra-city transport, along with efficient fulfillment and warehousing services, all driven by cutting-edge technology. With a comprehensive suite of offerings covering the entire logistics spectrum, from transportation and storage to last-mile delivery, Upaya is addressing the diverse needs of businesses and consumers alike.

The company’s success is built on several pillars. A vast network of reliable driver-partners ensures extensive delivery coverage across Nepal, supported by robust infrastructure that efficiently consolidates supply and demand. Advanced technology platforms streamline logistics and distribution processes seamlessly, while a commitment to collaboration fosters sustainability within the industry.

Having served over 25,000 B2B customers and facilitated more than 1 million deliveries, Upaya’s technological prowess extends from pickup to final delivery, catering to vehicles of all sizes through a market aggregation platform. Key infrastructure investments include strategically located facilities such as the Upaya Station, a Truckers hub, a Digital Transport Nagar, and an expansive fulfillment center, ensuring timely delivery nationwide.

Against the backdrop of Nepal’s fragmented logistics industry, Upaya is seizing a significant market opportunity. With logistics costs accounting for a substantial portion of GDP and a total addressable market of $3 billion, there is a pressing need for innovative solutions. Upaya is well-positioned to capitalize on this, leveraging its technology-driven approach and commitment to sustainability.

Moreover, Dolma’s impactful investment of USD 1.6 million in December 2021 has been profound. This injection of capital has not only enabled Upaya to expand its services but also forge strategic partnerships with major corporations in Nepal, such as Fonepay, Asian Paints, Worldlink, and Unilever. Within Dolma’s ecosystem, Upaya has flourished, leveraging strategic insights to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and emerge as a beacon of market leadership.

The emergence of Upaya City Cargo further underscores this commitment to innovation. With a transformative digital platform catering to diverse delivery needs, Upaya City Cargo has experienced significant revenue growth and secured partnerships with major corporations. Offering a wide array of services and boasting a robust network of driver and rider partners, Upaya City Cargo is poised to become a nationwide logistics leader, enhancing cargo transport efficiency and convenience across Nepal.

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