The first and leading manufacturer of hemodialysis fluid in Nepal.

Rhododendron Biotech was established in 2008 and has been the largest producer of haemodialysis fluid used during the process of kidney dialysis in Nepal. Rhododendron Biotech is providing this life-saving fluid to more than 85% of the dialysis centers in Nepal.

Rhododendron Biotech has played a pivotal role in the import substitution of haemodialysis fluid in Nepal which was previously a predominantly import-driven market. Besides haemodialysis fluid, Rhododendron Biotech is also producing other external liquid preparations such as rectified spirit, chlorohexidine solutions and hand sanitizers that are extensively used in hospitals and by people for disinfection purposes.

Following Dolma’s investment, Rhododendron Biotech has seen a 40% year-on-year growth and has been able to expand its distribution base and improve its governance mechanisms. Rhododendron Biotech was also the first company to introduce convertible preference shares through FDI in Nepal.

312,233 units of Haemodialysis per year

7 Hospitals (direct supply)

81 Hospitals (indirect supply)

5 districts direct reach

25 districts via distributors

27 Distributors 73% Local Employment  

Fund: Dolma Impact Fund I

Tim Gocher with Arun Chaudhary, CEO, RBPL Dolma team visit to Rhododendron Plant