Dolma is the largest private equity fund manager focused on Nepal with over USD 100 million currently under management.


Compelling impact investment opportunity

Dolma provides a clear pathway toward highly impactful investments in critical sectors in Nepal, wherein the cornerstone of national development strategy is to work with the private sector to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Dolma believes that there is a profound role for private equity in delivering employment opportunities to a dynamic young workforce by investing institutional capital to catalyse sustainable and impactful growth in compliance with international standards and best practice.


Clear market leadership

Dolma is one of a handful of private equity fund managers focused on Nepal and, with over USD 100 million currently under management, Dolma is the largest fund manager.

Over six years, Dolma has built the largest private equity portfolio in Nepal and has implemented international standards for E&S, corporate governance, investment management and reporting at fund manager and portfolio level.


Highly experienced gender-balanced team

Dolma’s team of 14 professionals is comprised at senior level of two executive team members and four management team members.

Dolma meets the 2x Challenge for gender at leadership and overall employee levels and is committed to gender equality, both per se and as a driver of outperformance.


Attractive portfolio and strong pipeline

Dolma has built an attractive portfolio of nine companies across renewable energy, healthcare and technology sectors through Dolma I and has already completed its first investment in e-logistics through Dolma II.

The Dolma I portfolio shows strong value creation with further upside anticipated through local listings planned for 2022.


Sustainable development impact

The Government of Nepal’s national development strategy is to achieve Middle-Income Country status by 2030 through the realization of the SDGs and it recognises the need for FDI to achieve this.

Dolma II is expected to continue the strong contribution to health, gender, clean energy and climate in particular. It plans to create 12,500 quality jobs with a high degree of female employment.


Institutional investment platform

Dolma is strengthened by the support of its limited partners, which include leading development finance institutions, and its highly experienced investment committee and advisory board.

Collectively, these ensure that the highest international standards for investment processes, due diligence, impact measurement and reporting are followed, both at fund manager level and through its portfolio companies.