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Chirayu National Hospital

DIF II Investment

USD 4.2 Million

Investment Date

May 2023


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Established in 2007, Chirayu National Hospital is a licensed 100-bed facility situated on the northern outskirts of Kathmandu. Chirayu is dedicated to delivering personalised healthcare services with infrastructure on par with the country’s best facilities. Providing both outpatient and inpatient services, the hospital specialises in key departments such as Nephrology, Urology, Orthopaedics, Gastroenterology, and Cardiology.

Since Dolma’s investment, Chirayu National Hospital has undergone transformational changes, signalling a period of growth and excellence. Notably, the appointment of Mr. Sudhir Bhal as the Hospital Management and Operations consultant, facilitated by IFC’s Technical Assistance, is a strategic move aimed at enhancing operational efficiency during the ongoing expansion. Anil Silwal’s role as the EHS officer, guided by DIF’s ESG team, underscores the hospital’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility. The engagement of a NABH consultant reflects a dedication to meeting international accreditation standards, ensuring continuous improvement and patient safety. With an increased focus on offline and local community marketing, the hospital has experienced visible growth in sales, strengthening its ties with the community. The establishment of a Diabetes Centre within the hospital reinforces Chirayu’s commitment to specialised care. Concurrently, as the hospital expands to double its existing 55-bed capacity, these positive changes mark a significant step forward in Chirayu National Hospital’s journey toward enhanced healthcare delivery and community engagement.

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