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Makar Jitumaya Suri Hydropower Ltd

DIF I Investment

USD 2.3 Million

Investment Date

March 2016


Direct Jobs


Youth Employment

78.89 GwH/Yr

Power Production

567,525 People

Electricity Provided to

74,941.70 MT

Annual Emissions Avoided

10.5 KM

Access Road Constructed

Himal Gurung, a resident of Suri Village, initiated the development of a 6.4 MW hydropower facility in 2011 to address severe power shortages in his community. Recognizing its potential, Dolma Impact Fund provided equity investment in 2016, ensuring financial closure and establishing a lasting partnership with Suri Khola Hydropower Ltd. Suri Khola Hydropower Ltd combined with its sister firm Makar Jitumaya Limited to become Makar Jitumaya Suri Hydropower Limited, a new legal entity (Suri), with a total installed capacity of 13.4 MW.

The Lower Suri Power Plant (6.4 MW) became operational on May 1, 2022, overcoming challenges like earthquakes and economic embargoes. Dolma’s support extended to key personnel recruitment and an ESG Masterclass Workshop by Paterson Sustainability. The project, completed within budget, generated USD 1 Million in 2022, supplying clean energy, preventing 49,500 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and showcasing positive impacts on both people and the environment.

The ongoing 7 MW ROR hydropower project (Upper Suri HPP) received crucial backing from Dolma, facilitating successful financial closure with three Nepalese commercial banks. Anticipated to begin electricity generation in Q2 2023, the company aims to list shares on the Nepali Stock Exchange during the same period, fundraising for project completion. As a community-focused initiative, 10 percent of share capital will be allocated to locally affected individuals.

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