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National Path Labs and Research Center

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USD 4 Million

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National Path Labs and Research Center (NPL), established in 2012, provides quality pathology testing services at affordable prices across Nepal. The company operates two “Category A” labs and six “Category B” labs, with the categories determined by the government based on size and operational scale. Among these, NPL runs the largest lab in Lumbini province, one of Nepal’s seven provinces.

NPL’s extensive network spans 12 cities, making it the largest chain of pathology labs in Nepal, with two Class A labs, six Class B labs, and six collection centers. The company has received NABL accreditation, underscoring its commitment to high standards. Recently, Dolma Fund Management invested $4 million in NPL and has plans to further improve the company, indicating strong investor confidence and providing additional resources for growth and development. NPL is actively seeking capital to expand its operations into new areas, particularly aiming to launch a door-to-door sample collection platform. Kathmandu, with a rapid urbanization rate of 20%, is a key target for this expansion.

The market potential for NPL is significant, driven by increasing healthcare awareness and the prevalence of diseases such as cardiovascular issues, cancer, and tuberculosis, which account for 40% of mortality in Nepal. There has been a notable rise in regular biochemistry tests for conditions like cholesterol and sugar. The pathology diagnostic industry in Nepal is fragmented, with over 100 standalone labs and only a few operating as diagnostic chains. This sector grew by 32% based on data from top diagnostic labs. Healthcare expenditure in Nepal has increased to 5.17% of GDP from 4% in 2006, reflecting a growing focus on health services. Additionally, government health insurance now covers 7.1 million individuals, and there is a growing awareness of private health insurance.

NPL’s strategic focus on expansion and service diversification positions it well to capitalize on these market trends and meet the increasing demand for quality pathology services in Nepal.

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