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Worldlink Communications Ltd

DIF II Investment

USD 6.9 Million

Investment Date

March 2023


Direct Jobs


Female Employment


Youth Employment

2642 Hours

Training Provided


Public Wifi Hotspots

86,800 Active Users

Internet Users

WorldLink Communications Ltd. is Nepal’s largest fixed broadband (FBB)/ Fibre to the Home (FTTH) provider, offering last-mile internet access across the country via a hybrid optical fibre and wireless broadband network. It operates one of the finest and the largest fibre backbone and access networks across the country, providing services like high-speed internet along with HD IPTV services. It was formed in 1995 and has come a long way venturing into FTTH in 2017. The company claims 43% of internet bandwidth consumption in the country.

Worldlink has a presence in 70 out of 76 districts and 256 out of the 753 local bodies in Nepal. The company has laid a total of 49,633 band km of fibre to date. Coverage is supported by 7 regional offices and 256 branch offices. Worldlink serves 700,000 retail households viding incl. SMEs and 27,000 enterprises. Its household base is outside the Kathmandu valley. This round of investment was joined by British International Investment (Bll, an existing shareholder) bringing the total round to USD 15.3 MN – the largest single private equity round in Nepal to date.

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